Air Flow Management System

Cable Brush Gromme​ts

Pro-Lock Grommet

Sealing cable openings with Pro-lock ( Brush Grommets ) products provide a cost-effective airflow and thermal management solution.

Key Features
  • Increases existing cooling unit capacity.
  • Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units.
  • Improves equipment reliability and extends equipment life.
  • Increases static pressure under the raised floor and improves cool air delivery through perforated tiles or floor grates Facilitates Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle best practices.
Technical Specs.
  • UL-V-0 FR ABS frame with Nylon monofilament FR UL-V-0 and non FR Nylon filament.
  • Maximum cutout size sealed 10″x 13″
  • Usable cable Area 8″ x 4″
  • The Grommets integrate with the raised-floor static dissipation system, providing 1 GigaOhm of resistance.