Computational Fluid Dynamics is a means to simulate and check flow of air, particulates, liquids, etc. through any geometry. This technique especially gains significance while examining the efficiency of HVAC systems. We offers Premium CFD services to inspect HVAC system infrastructure within commercial and factory spaces. Other applications span internal air circulation, ducting and air leakages, energy losses, exhaust systems, machine coolant system; molding processes and then re-iterate the solution for improved system efficiency and higher cost savings.

Structural Testing

With Ansys-an industrially leading FEA software, we test your product for structural strength, temperature resistance, impact analyses, safety factors, fatigue analysis and other process specific outcomes. Our plots and data help you understand your product better and hence, helps you cater to client and industrial demands better.

Seismic Analysis

With advances in technology, it is now possible to estimate the effects of earthquakes. Our expert team can model the building structure and the conduct vibrational analysis to predict the resonant frequencies and simulate the overall structural behavior during a seismic activity. Furthermore, any improvement in structure is put forward by our team to safeguard the property as well as lives.