Hot Aisle Containment

Hot Aisle Containment

Hot aisle containment (HAC) provides better server exhaust segregation by accumulating the hot air in a contained space and channeling it back to PAC. PAC supplies cold air directly to the data hall/server inlets and the vertical panels separate this from hot air exhaust returning it directly to the false ceiling/ PAC ducts. Aisle end door infrastructure is same as CAC with additional surface capping panels.

Key Features
  • Hot aisle containment will be more forgiving for network racks and stand-alone equipment such as storage cabinets that might have to live outside the containment architecture, i.e., they will live in the lower temperature area of the computer room.
  • Generally more effective. Leakage from raised floor openings in the larger area of the room goes into the cold space.
  • Hot aisle containment can perform well in a slab environment by merely flooding the data center with an adequate volume of supply air and containing the exhaust air.
Technical Specs.
  • Fire-retardant ULV-0 standard.
  •  ​Increased PAC Efficiency and delta-t.
  •  Minimal delivery and installation lead-times.
  •  ​Helps replace raised floor with false ceiling at better operational costs.
  •  ​Easily maintained and durable infrastructure.
  •  ​Zero to low maintenance product.
  •  Trusted by the industrial giants in cloud infrastructure.