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Cold Aisle Containment

  • For a data center operation tremendous amount of energy is used for cooling power. To improve and optimise the usage of this energy and keep the operation of a data center economical and sustainable, efficiency of the cooling system is of most importance.
  • To achieve this cold aisle containment system is as essential part for small to medium scale data centers.
  • Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) is used to concentrate cold air in a contained space at server rack supply. It reduces the air dispersion of cold air supplied through air grill tiles and maximize the air velocities available at server inlet. It inhibits hot and cold air mixing, while focusing all the cooling to servers. The ends of the aisles may have manual or automatic doors as per client requirements. Our modular panels ensure ease of assembly and maintenance, quick deployment time for green fields. 
  • Our cold aisle containment system with an option for fire system integration and automation allows helps our clients to design their system with flexibility.
  • The same is achieved with our inhouse design and patented aluminium framework which has multi groove system that gives us and our clients flexibility to face any challenges present in project phase as well as operational phase.
  • We offer wide range of cold aisle containment system designs that can be independent of the server racks present on site or we can provide containment solution specifically designed for particular server racks which are installed on racks itself.

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