Profile Solution

Technical IDC Cleaning

Deep Technical Data Center Cleaning

Profile Solution Deep Technical Clean is an intensive service designed to achieve an ISO 14644-1 level 6 standard of air cleanliness. It addresses every area within the Data Centre, from the subfloor surface up to the underside of the panels and the floor surface, all walls, doors, ledges, and cabinet externals.

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Post-Construction Deep Cleaning

Turning a building site into a controlled IT environment requires a inclusive and professional post-construction clean. Elimination of dust from walls, concrete dust from cut tiles, residue remaining on tiles and other coarse construction debris is essential for properly preparing a new room for equipment installation.

Rack Technical Cleaning

Tacky / Sticky Mats

Deep Technical Data Center Cleaning

Post Construction Deep Cleaning

computer engineer lifting floor tile using P4YKRL6 Copy 11zon
rack 11zon

Rack Technical Cleaning

Tacky / Sticky Mats

Sticky Tacky Mats for Cleanrooms Walk off Dust Adhesive Mats for Construction 11zon

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