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Hot Aisle Containment

  • As the entire world is being digitized, the necessity for data centers is becoming increasingly important. Similarly, data processing and storage capacities are expanding.
  • As a result, there is an increase in the need of high cooling capacity and high CFM/air flow rate, which needs to be cost-effective and sustainable. A hot aisle containment system is necessary to control such a system with a higher delta of temperature.
  • We offer numerous varieties of hot aisle containment with cable trays to meet our client’s unique customizations and requirements.
The categories listed below assist us and our clients in readily categorizing their needs.
Ceiling-supported hot aisle containment system
  • In a typical hot aisle containment system, a false ceiling grid is created to bifurcate and create a plenum for the return of hot air to the cooling system. A partition is created behind the rear/ exhaust of the server rack and false ceiling grid to contain the hot air and channelize it to the hot air plenum.
  • Since a server hall is a dust-free area, our experienced R&D team has developed a hot aisle containment system with self-designed and patented aluminum frame work, which allows us and our customers to attach any accessories without any drilling or creating any dust.
  • They are removing the hassle of scheduling downtime and keeping clean and easy installation for the containment system.
Hac Arrangement
Ceiling supported hot aisle containment system with integrated utility support system
  • In a typical hot aisle containment system, the tray utilities running at the ceiling or above server racks are support  via structural ceiling grid or actual ceiling which complicates the system in certain situations.
  • Our integrated hot aisle containment system allows our clients to take partial supports from hot aisle containment panels instead of ceiling system at area near hot aisles.
  • This solutions resolves clash issues and also save certain cost involved in the support system required for cable tray utilities.
  • Typically, our system can take a load of 240kg/metre. divided in 4 levels of utility system.
Hac Arrangement 2
Floor supported/free standing hot aisle containment system with cable tray support and semi-structural grid
  • For cloud customers or high computing systems where heavy duty structural cabling and networking is required. The option to take supports from the ceiling or structural ceiling becomes difficult.
  • Since multiple anchoring and loading weakens the structural stability of actual ceiling.
  • For such condition a floor supported/ free standing hot aisle containment system is required. Our solution allow clients to attach or take support from our structure itself, which transfers the load directly to the floor.
  • The hot aisle containment structure is evenly distributed on the floor with the help of vertical posts. The anchoring done on the floor is less than taking supports from actual ceiling, which keeps the structural integrity of the floor.
  • The system can be installed with a false ceiling grid which takes support of our hot aisle containment structure itself. The same can be partially loaded from above and below of the false ceiling grid for better flexibility .
  • We completely customise our system as per our clients requirement for better flexibility

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