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Friendly-Asked Questions

What is HAC?

A hot aisle containment system in data centers optimizes cooling efficiency by isolating and channeling hot exhaust air from servers and equipment, preventing its mixing with cooler intake air. This targeted airflow containment minimizes energy consumption and enhances equipment performance, leading to improved overall operational cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

What is CAC?

Cold Aisle Containment (CAC) is used to concentrate cold air in a contained space at server rack supply. It reduces the air dispersion of cold air supplied through air grill tiles and maximize the air velocities available at server inlet. 

What is the difference between HAC and CAC?

CAC systems are designed to eliminate these hot spots. A hot aisle containment system (HAC) uses a physical barrier to guide hot exhaust towards the AC return. This system has the advantage of having natural properties that cause warm air to rise.

Can we integrate cable tray support to Hot Aisle Containment ?

Yes, it is possible with Profile solution solution of integrated cable tray HAC where you can place upto 5 tiers with 60 kg per meter of load.

What is the main component of inside the data center ?

Servers is main component of inside a data center.