Profile Solution

Corporate Identity

  • Company’s goals and commitment to corporate social responsibility, and describe what it does to achieve these.
    The company understands that corporate social responsibility extends to our entire supply chain. This encompasses not only the products and services supplied but also the human rights, ethics, and social practices of our company and its suppliers.
  • One goal of the corporate social responsibility procurement program is to build partnerships with like-minded organizations by actively seeking out business partners who are the most environmentally and workforce-friendly.
  • Forced Labor: The company and its suppliers shall employ all employees under their own free will, with no one being subjected to bonded or forced labor. This policy applies to not only the supplier’s business operations but also those of their supplier network with which the company conducts its business.
  • Child Labor: The company and its suppliers shall not employ any people under the minimum legal working age of the country in which they work.
  • Responsible Environmental Impact: The company and its suppliers shall produce measurable environmental impact reports and conduct ongoing efforts to reduce environmental pollution while increasing sustainability.
  • The company encourages and supports involvement in the community that has supported it. This includes supporting local business and talent by, for example, sourcing local products and services, where appropriate, and showcasing the work of local artists in the company’s public spaces.
  • Charitable involvement is important to the company, and a charity committee meets once a month to discuss and execute potential and ongoing charitable projects.